MCS and the Common Core Standards

"But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good"~I Thess. 5:21

Many of our current and potential MCS parents are asking about our perspective regarding the new national standards known as Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Currently, these standards have been drafted for the English Language Arts and Mathematics and have been hastily adopted by most state departments of education. It also appears that future standardized testing will be in alignment with these national standards. This has caused no shortage of controversy and panic over the possible loss of autonomy over content and teaching methodology in local and private schools.

Because MCS has traditionally met or surpassed suggested content standards (UC and State), it is not startling that when compared to current Common Core State Standards, Maranatha's curricula objectives were already  found to meet or exceed most all Common Core content standards. Maranatha is not interested in integrating or aligning with any part of Common Core if it does not fit into our philosophy of education. Our commitment to Biblical principles serves as the ultimate guide in this approval-endorsing process.

Furthermore, all our curricula (regardless of grade level and subject) are Biblically integrated. This is a major campaign and commitment we have from Pastor Ray Bentley, the MCS school board, administration, and teaching staff here at MCS. Teaching our children from a Christian worldview is our passion and aim, not necessarily aligning with state and federal standards.

While we are active in our assessment, examination, and integration of certain Common Core standards, this should not be confused with blindly or carelessly embracing the CCSS or outright approving the entire canon of proposed standards.

Lastly, because MCS does not rely on federal or state funding we are not being compelled or mandated to implement these standards. This is the great benefit we have being a privately funded school!

In His Service,
Jess Hetherington
MCS Superintendent


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