Alumni News

Sarah Knutson (Class of 2011)

Sarah attends Grand Canyon University and is majoring in Elementary Education.

Austin Rocha (Class of 2011)

Auston goes to Grand Canyon University. He has a double major of Christian Studies and Accounting.

Haley Doig (Class of 2012)

Haley attends Santa Barbara City College, with plans next fall to transfer to UCSB or UCSD as a communication major.

Hailey Harper (Class of 2012)

Hailey is in her second year at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. She is planning to major in Spanish and double minor in Econ/Business and Anthropology.

Ryan York (Class of 2012)

Ryan attends UCSD and is majoring in Psychology. He runs his own painting business through College Works Painting.

Derek Olson (Class of 2012)

Derek attends Grand Canyon University and is majoring in Business.

Max Schwan (Class of 2013)

Max attends Westmont College and is majoring in Business and Art.



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