Over the past 23 years we have conducted President Kennedy’s, Presidential Council on Physical Fitness test annually at MCS. Many of you may remember participating in the very same battery of tests yourself in gym class growing up. In fact the standards we used just last year were from 1984!

Welcome to 2015. After a year of preparation and testing, we have officially entered the 21st Century when it comes to PE Fitness assessment. FITNESSGRAM 10 assessments are conducted twice each year in grades 4-12. Think of it as “MAP” testing for the body. Your child has already been training for this assessment test and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

The assessment measures health-related fitness through a variety of items designed to assess aerobic capacity, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition (height & weight). Each score is evaluated using the Healthy Fitness Zone® standards. Parents will then receive a FITNESSGRAM report sent home via email once a year in May for your records.  We will use this information to formulate our PE curriculum and standards school wide to address areas that need improvement.

Encourage your child to remain active for 60 minutes per day and ask them to demonstrate the new FITNESSGRAM exercises for you at home!

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Coach Bill Rodgers
Associate AD / K-8 Physical Education



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