iPad Program

What is OUR iPad proGRAM?

Our iPad program is a one-to-one computing program, where each student in the high school has an iPad. One-to-one computer models, where each student has a computer that he/she uses for all of his/her classes, have been shown to increase learning by greater engagement by the students. Most of our high school textbooks are available on the iPad.

Why do we need this?

Technology is expanding at a phenomenal rate and education needs to embrace it. Students learn in different ways than they did in the past, and we want to harness their enthusiasm for technology and match it with our enthusiasm for learning and our subject matter to create enhanced learning opportunities.

Why iPads?

Apple has always been a supporter of education, and the iPad is no exception. There are over 140,000 apps in the App Store, many of which are targeted to education. Also digital curriculum is being created for many platforms, including the iPad. But most of all, students have excitement about the iPad and we want translate that enthusiasm to learning!

Will the iPad take the place of traditional textbooks?

High school students have the choice of purchasing an electronic textbook or both an electronic textbook and a print textbook.

What about texting, Facebook or playing games in class?

Inappropriate use of the iPad in class is treated like any behavior issue, like passing notes or talking in class. The teacher deals with it as he or she sees fit, according to the guidelines in the Parent/Student Handbook.


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