Technology Resources for Parents

Maranatha Christian Schools desires to partner with parents in the ever-changing world of technology. Since the majority of time students spend with technology tools is outside the classroom, we would like to provide parents with resources to help with rule setting, monitoring and protecting their students.

Below, please find the outline from the latest parent technology meeting held at MCS. The presentation from the meeting is posted under Resources in the right column of this page. Links to resources and statistics from a variety of sources, including the FBI, DOJ, Focus on the Family, Common Sense Media and more, are also posted at tje right.

What should Parents do?

  • Set rules!
  • Monitor
    • Know your student’s accounts and passwords
    • Check them on a regular basis
    • Friend them
  • Talk to your kids
    • About Internet usage:
      • Go to appropriate sites
      • Think critically about online information
      • Don’t download anything without checking with parents
      • Don’t open accounts without checking with parents
    • About downloads
      • Agree on what is allowed (Free/Paid, appropriateness, etc.)
      • Illegal downloads
    • About Gaming
      • Agree on types of games
      • Set limits
    • About Communication
      • Chatting with someone they’ve never met (12% of teens)
    • About Social Media
      • About private vs public information
      • About privacy settings
      • About appropriate online behavior
      • About consideration of and respect for others
      • About the permanence of internet information
      • About anonymity
      • About real life friends vs Internet friends
      • About real life dangers in meeting Internet friends
      • About time limits
    • About Cyber Bullying and Sexting
      • Stop. Block. Tell.
      • Stop: Ignore minor teasing if you can.
      • Record: Keep bully messages in case proof is needed. Delete sexts.
      • Block: Block communication.
      • Tell: Tell a trusted adult.
  • Be a good role model

Some questions to ask

  • Where do you accesses the Internet? (at home, school, friends' homes, elsewhere)?
  • How often and how much time do you spend online?
  • Do you go online alone or with other people?
  • What web sites and programs do you access?
  • On what social media sites do you maintain an account?
  • What personal information have you posted?
  • Who are your online friends?
  • What privacy settings have you set?
  • What would you do in an uncomfortable online situation?
  • Have you encountered inappropriate material, and what did you do?
  • Has anyone attempted to communicate with you in an uncomfortable manner, and what did you do?

Filters (PC)

  • NetNanny, McAfee Safe Eyes, PureSite, CyberSitter, CyberPatrol
  • What to look for:
  • Password protection – don’t let your kids install it
  • Log of sites visited
  • Customization – you can add sites, decide what categories are blocked, what words, etc.

Filters (iPad, iPhone)

  • iPad and iPhone restrictions
  • Filtered browsers
  • Have to delete Safari and disable downloads
  • Mobicip - Basic – limited or Premium – allows customization

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