Maranatha Christian Schools desires to create an educational environment that honors God and enhances learning. We base our dress code upon the following principles:

Modest and Clean (Romans 12:1; I Timothy 2:9) and
Pleasing the Lord (I Corinthians 6:20, 10:31 and 14:26b)

Boys – Modesty is defined for boys as wearing pants that are at the waistline and are secured to the waist so as to prevent underwear from being exposed. Tank tops and/or sleeveless shirts are not allowed.

Girls – Modesty is defined for girls as wearing clothing so as not to reveal the upper torso, cleavage, or under garments. Girls are also not to wear form fitting, sheer or tightly fitted clothing in the chest or hip areas, tank tops and/or sleeveless shirts.

All uniforms must be purchased from Sue Mills or Lands’ End. Links to these sites are found at the right. Parents are expected to ensure their child complies with the dress code.

P.E. Uniforms

A physical education uniform will be required for all boys and girls enrolled in the P.E. program. P.E. uniforms are purchased through the school website or by clicking here. For those who wish to try on uniforms for sizing purposes, the P.E. Department will be available the week of August 1-5 from 9am-12pm in the courtyard. Ordering deadline for all P.E. Uniforms is Monday, August 8, 2016. Uniforms will be distributed to students during the first week of school.

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