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Summer Session helps increase grades, confidence and motivation all year long!


Academic Classes

Mix n’ Match with Enrichment and Fun Classes

To succeed in school and life, children need ongoing opportunities to learn and practice essential skills. Summer Academic Enrichment Camps provide the perfect opportunity for children to retain their academic knowledge over the summer.

Session #1 June 19-July 7 (3 weeks)
Session #2 July 10-28 (3 weeks)


Mix n’ Match with Academics Classes

Let your child enjoy the freedom of creativity this summer. Whether a rocket building course or a cooking class, MCS’ Summer Enrichment & Fun camps are geared toward the joy of self-expression and hands-on discovery!

*Summer Camps are open to all children in the community from any school, unless otherwise noted.

Classes offered:

HIP HOP TO TK – (Mornings, daily, 3 weeks 9am-12pm M-F)   
Come give your little one an opportunity to build a strong foundation for TK. Students will enhance their skills in oral language, vocabulary, phonogical awareness, and alphabetic. Engaging activities will be provided to develop critical thinking skills through hands-on math and science discovery. Give your child a head start for their new experience in Transitional Kindergarten. $500

KINDERGARTEN JUMP START– (Mornings, daily, 3 weeks 9am-12pm M-F) – 2 sessions       
Give your child the opportunity to build new friendships and prepare for the beginning of the school year. Your child will enjoy reading, writing, and math in an engaging and interactive environment. In order to develop socially, children will work on separation, transition and the ability to follow directions. In academics, children will be taught to focus on auditory and visual memory and discrimination, and fine/gross motor skills. This course is especially beneficial for spring and summer birthdays. $500

READY, SET, GO TO 1ST GRADE – (Mornings, daily, 3 weeks 9am-12pm M-F) 2 sessions
Students will make a smooth transition into 1st grade through a summer of fun activities designed to get their brains stimulated. Class curriculum includes phonics games, reading strategies, writing, math, art, and more. Your child will fly into first grade with a positive attitude after this exciting summer review – designed to motivate them to jump back in to the school year! $500

K-3rd Grade: ARTS & CRAFTS – (Afternoons, 3 weeks 1-4pm M,W,F) – 2 sessions
Come have fun and use your imagination to make fun summer artwork out of ecofriendly materials and much more. Be ready to draw, paint, glue, use color markers and pencils, color oil pastels, beads, and animals out of clay. This art class is amazing. We want students to be creative and make their own masterpieces to take home. All projects are age appropriate. $345

K-3rd Grade GREEN THUMB GARDENING – (Afternoons, 3 weeks 1-4pm T, Th)2 sessions
Get those hands ready to do some planting and learn how to grow plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables using the same techniques that can be applied to your own backyard, or patio! Children will also plant miniature succulent planters and make outdoor garden signs to take home. This class is lots of fun and children can get a better   understanding about how important plants are – and how beautiful flowers can be. $240

1st-8th Grade INDOOR/OUTDOOR SPORTS & GAMES – (AM/PM for 3 weeks M, W,F or T, Th) – 2 sessions
Shoot, jump, run, and score your way to a fun summer camp experience. This camp is fun for all ages. Each week we will play a variety of outdoor sports designed to advance basic skills and knowledge of all sports activities. This class also helps students to learn good sportsmanship while learning about the games and how to keep score in all kinds of sports. We’ll also have indoor board games for them to enjoy. Have your child bring a friend and tell them to get ready to play. This class is loads of fun and our goal is to make each student a better athlete while enjoying their time in our class. $325/$240

1st-3rd Grade ENGLISH – (Mornings, 3 weeks 9am -12pm M,W,F) – 2 sessions
Help your child get a head start on the school year by enhancing critical reading and spelling skills. Phonics will be reviewed and practiced using word games – while the ‘love of reading’ will be nurtured through read-aloud books and shared reading exercises. A highly engaging learning environment will inspire your child to look forward to the next school year! English workbook is included (last grade completed). $325 (must have completed grade)

1st-3rd Grade MATH – (Mornings, 3 weeks 9am-12pm T, Th)
Your child is invited to be a “Digit Detective”! Give your child the chance to investigate connections with numbers and knowledge as they build mathematical self-confidence through activities and games. Children will explore basic math skills while they solve real ‘problems’ and have fun doing it at the same time! Math workbook is included (last grade completed). $240 (must have completed grade)

1st-5th Grade SPACE CAMP S.T.E.A.M  (Mornings & Afternoons, 3 weeks 9am-12pm T, Th – 1st session only)
Get ready for some out of this world excitement with Challenge Island’s Space Wars camp. Our interplanetary tribles will take on a galaxy-full of movie inspired challenges including building spaceships, designing droids, and lauching lunar rockers. The force is to be kids at this stellar camp adventure!

1st-5th Grade MINDCRAFT SCIENCE– (Mornings & Afternoons 3 weeks 9am-12pm T, Th – 2nd session only)
This camp turns the digital world of Minecraft into real world STEAM action for kids with Creeper Crazy by Challenge Island. Tribes will build their own shelters, tools, and crafting tables. They’ll tackle the creepers, zombies and other mobs. This popular camo is a not-to-be-missed adventure for every Mindcraft maniac!

2nd-6th Grade: KIDS CAN COOK– (AM/PM, 3 weeks 9am-12pm or 1-4pm M, W,F)2 sessions
Looking for chefs who love to cook! Fun will definitely be in the kitchen as you prepare, bake, make, and decorate delicious food! Your child will be active chefs as they measure, chop, and stir their creations. With small class sizes and lots of hands-on fun, this cooking class will be loads of fun for all to taste and take home to share. The chefs will make a recipe book so they can recreate their yummy treats at home for family and friends. $330

3rd-8th Grade POTTERY CLASS – (Afternoons, 3 weeks 1-4pm T, Th) 1st session only

4th -5th Grade ENGLISH WRITING CAMP – (Mornings, 3 weeks 9am-12pm M, W,F) 2 sessions
This writing class is designed to be creative and fun. Our small class sizes give students the personal attention they need to master detailed and meaningful sentences and paragraphs. The lessons are designed to not only tap into critical thinking but Common Core State Standards. Each student will write a novel to keep. (Last grade completed). $325 – must have completed grade

4th-5th Grade MATH – (Mornings, 3 weeks 9am-12pm T, Th) 2 sessions
Students, come and have a lot of fun playing math games in this class!  Parents, your child will gain a solid understanding in fractions, division and multiplication. They will review the many basic skills needed to move forward into the next grade level and work on problem solving to connect mathematical ideas. Concepts reinforced will include multiplication and division facts, number sense, place value, geometry, fractions and algebraic reasoning. $240 – must have completed grade

6th-8th Grade JUNIOR HIGH ENGLISH WRITING – (Mornings, 3 weeks 9am-12pm T,Th) – 2 sessions
This special ‘writing camp’ will inspire your Junior High student to read for pleasure, not a chore! Our small class sizes give students the personal attention they need to master detailed and meaningful sentences and paragraphs. This is excellent prep material to assist students for Common Core State Standards. Students, join us to become a sharper writer and have a lot of fun while you learn! $245 – must have completed grade

6th-8th Grade JUNIOR HIGH MATH – (Mornings, 3 weeks 9am-12pm T, Th) 2 sessions
Small class size and individual attention will give your student an excellent opportunity to brush up on math skills. Review includes pre-algebra, geometry, integers, fractions, reasoning skills and more. Hands on approach to problem solving, decimals and percentages. Students will be able to build confidence by learning math skills step by step; and they’ll be more prepared for the next level of math. Students join us in mastering your math skills – you’ll have fun, and the best part is – no grades or homework! $245 – must have completed grade

7th-9th Grade INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER– (Afternoons, 4 weeks 12-4pm M-F)1 session
The introductory computer course provides each student with the opportunity to learn the basics of Microsoft Office computer skills. In addition to keyboarding techniques, students will learn and practice using Word, PowerPoint, and Excel programs. Students will also be introduced to computer programming using online resources and the Scratch programming platform. The students who complete this course will be ready to use technology to complete academic research for educational and other uses. $500

*Tuition fee includes one camp t-shirt (k-5th grade only) and a snack per AM & PM daily for all grades.
*Bring a sack lunch if your child is in camp all day and sunscreen to prevent sunburn.  

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