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Strength and Conditioning
June 5 -July 15 | Grades 8-12 Note: MCS students only
Advance weight training is a class that will help improve an individuals muscular strength and muscular endurance. The course is designed to use weightlifting to develop a positive mental and physcial self. The focus of this will be on building muscle, safety and proper technique. Students will be supplied with regular lifting routines that will be adjusted weekly.
Class Objective:
The student will improve their muscle strength and endurance through weight trainging excerises, the students will gain knowledge of equipment and safety procedures with free weights and machine weights, the students will recongize the benefits of regular physical activity and see first hand the effects on themselves through class participation, and the students will gain knowledge of developing a weight-training program and training principles.

Basketball Camp
June 12-16 | Grades 3-8
This camp is designed  for both boys and girls who want to have fun and improve their basic basketball. We take pride in giving each player individual attention in the fundamental skills of dribbling, passing, and shooting through teaching and drills. Come hoop it up with us!

Girls Strength & Fitness Camp
Session 1: June 26-30 | Grades 6-12
Session 2: July 31-August 4
Learn about flexibility, muscle groups, nutrition, stretching, and working with weights. Gain strength, power, confidence and body love regardless of your body type.

Volleyball Skills Camp
July 10-14 | Grades 4-8
The Volleyball Skills Camp is for the novice through intermediate volleyball player who is looking to learn or improve their basic skils and game knowledge. Daily drills and scrimmages will cover all aspects of the sport.

Soccer Camp
June 12-16 | Grades 6-8
This camp is for experienced players and will highlight the skills required to develop a higher level of play.


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