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Strength and Conditioning
June 6-July 15 | Grades 9-12 | Coach Duggin
This summer training class will develop a foundation in strength, pre-habilitation, weight lifting techniques, speed and agility drills and core training. With a strong focus on general and specific conditioning, along with post workout recovery techniques. Mandatory for Varsity Football Athletes

Basketball Camp
June 13-17 | Grades 3-8 | Coach Barnhard
This camp is designed for both boys and girls who want to have fun and improve their basic basketball skills. We take pride in giving each player individual attention in the fundamental skills of dribbling, passing,
and shooting through teaching and drills. Come hoop it up with us!

Girls Strength & Fitness Camp
June 20-July 1 | Grades 6-12 | Coach Gordon
Learn about flexibility, muscle groups, nutrition, stretching, and working with weights. Gain strength, power, confidence and body love regardless of your body type.

Volleyball Skills Camp
July 11-15 | Grades 4-8 | Coach Beiler
The Volleyball Skills Camp is for the novice volleyball player who is looking to learn and improve their basic skills.

Running Camp (Cross Country/Track Training)
July 11-15 | Grades 5-12 | Coach Gregory
This camp is a one-week training program specifically designed for athletes looking to take their training to the next level. Athletes will be taught basic running technique & form with a focus on building endurance in anticipation of the upcoming cross country/track seasons.

Cheer Camp
July 18-22 | Grades K-8
Come have lots of fun in our cheer camp this summer! Learn about teamwork and school spirit. Emphasis will be given on different motions and cheers that will be taught throughout the camp along with learning
We look forward to seeing you this summer!


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