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Graduation Requirements

graduation requirements

The chart below represents the requirements for graduation from Maranatha Christian High School as well as the necessary requirements for UC admissions. 10 credits = 1 year of instruction. 

Subject Area MCS Required Credits UC Required Credits
Bible 40
History/Gov & Econ (a) 30 20
English (b) 40 40
Math (c) 30 30
Science (d) 20 20
Foreign Language (e) 20 20
Visual/Performing Arts (f) 10 10
College Prep Elective (g) 10 10
General Electives 30
Health/PE 20
250 total credits 150 total credits

High School Courses

New Testament Survey
Old Testament Survey 
Systematic Theology

World History** 
AP US History**
US History**
AP European History**
Government & Economics**
AP Government**

**UC approved

English 9/Honors**
English 10/Honors**
American Literature**
AP English Language**
British Literature**
AP English Literature**

**UC approved

Algebra I**
Algebra 2**
College Algebra**
AP Statistics**
AP Calculus AB**

**UC approved

AP Biology**
AP Chemistry**
Anatomy & Physiology**
AP Physics I**
AP Physics II* 

**UC approved

Spanish I**
Spanish II**
Spanish III**
AP Spanish Language**
American Sign Language I**
American Sign Language II**
American Sign Language III**

**UC approved

Art I**
Art 2/Studio Art 
AP Art 2-D**
Art Photography**
AP Photography**
Contemporary Music** 
Graphic Design**
Instrumental Music
Show Choir 
Video Production & Editing**

**UC approved

One course chosen from the “a-f” courses beyond those used to satisfy the requirements above as well as:
AP Computer Science A**

**UC approved

Teacher’s Aid
International Space Station

Athletic PE

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