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The Eagle Academy


The Eagle Academy is a program that allows a student to take up to three classes on the MCS campus, with the parent/student then choosing the educational methods for the remaining courses. Our program offers students 6-12th grade: 

  • Choice of curriculum from MCS approved list 
  • Access to CIF Athletics 
  • Academic counseling; accountability via family meetings with Eagle Academy Coordinator every 6 weeks 
  • Access to Student Life Activities, Chapels, retreats and more
  • Opportunities to take external courses | college courses
  • Graduation with a diploma from MCS (under WASC and ASCI Accreditation) 
  • Up to 3 classes on campus (includes music | art | theater electives, languages (Spanish, ASL (HS only), science labs, AP and Honors courses (HS only) 
  • Homeschooling and alternative education support | opportunities 

For more information, contact Robyn Ralston at:

High School & Junior High Eagle Academy

MCHS On Campus Class – $2,220/class

MCJH On Campus Class - $2,065/class

Eagle Academy Admin Fee – $895
Covers PSP admin (including progress meetings, program needs, adviser services, access to campus services and student life)

Eagle Academy Admin Fee, Sibling Discount – $448

Independent Course Admin Fee, Proctored – $400/class
Covers proctoring and grading of core courses (math, science, English and social studies)

Independent Course Admin Fee, Not Proctored – $100
Covers course admin for each homeschooled course that does not require proctoring (some Bible courses, PE, VAPA)


Application Fee – $125
One-time non-refundable fee for new students

Registration – $395 new student | $375 returning student
Annual enrollment fee – includes processing, school materials, yearbook, field trip transportation, etc.

FACTS Setup Fee – $45 
One-time annual charge required by FACTS

School Uniforms – $150-300
School uniforms are purchased through Sue Mills or Lands’ End.

P.E. Uniforms – $45-100
PE uniforms can be purchased online.

*No fees for online courses without proctoring (community college courses).
**Tuition and other fees do not go towards other costs that Eagle Academy families (or say “homeschool families”) will incur. These additional costs may include, but are not limited to, curricula, course materials, and tuition for external courses.
***High school students taking courses on campus must have an iPad.
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