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The Eagle Academy

For more information, contact Robyn Ralston at:

Junior High & High School Option*:
*Please CLICK HERE to review enrollment requirements

The Eagle Academy is a program that allows a student to take up to three classes on the MCS campus, with the parent/student then choosing the educational methods for the remaining courses. Our program offers students 6th-12th grade: 
  • Choice of curriculum from MCS approved list 
  • Access to CIF Athletics 
  • Academic counseling; accountability when families turn in grade books and work samples every 6-weeks
  • Access to Student Life Activities, Chapels, retreats and more
  • Opportunities to take external courses | college courses
  • Graduation with an accredited diploma from MCS
  • Up to 3 classes on campus 
  • Homeschooling and alternative education support

FEES (for the 2023-24 school year)*:

  • Junior High on campus class = $2,314/class 
  • High School on campus class = $2,479/class
  • Eagle Academy Administrative fee = $895(covers progress meetings, program needs, adviser services, access to campus services and student life activivities)
  • Proctored course fee = $400 (this includes any math, English, science or history course homeschooled at home where proctoring of exams is required)
  • Non-proctored courses fee = $100 (PE, Bible and some electives)
  • Additional fees for all MCS students:
    • Curriculum fees = vary (parents are responsible for purchasing curriculum for all homeschooled subjects)
    • Textbooks for on-campus courses = vary 
    • Application fee = $200 (one-time non-refundable fee for applicants)
    • Registration fee = $395 (new student) or $375 (returning student)
    • FACTS setup fee = $45

*All fees are annual amounts

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