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co-curricular activities for student success

We believe that academic and social success is essential to college preparedness, so we encourage all of our students to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities to enhance their educational experience.

‘Research proves students who participate in co-curricular activities consistently outperform students who do not participate.’ California State University, Sacramento

Research conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics found that participation in co-curricular activities has a dramatic positive correlation to student’s attendance, GPA, test scores and educational goals. In addition, a study by the College Board found High School participation in co-curricular activities is correlated with higher SAT scores; increasing Math scores by 45 points and SAT scores by 53 points.

In addition to college prep, co-curricular activities provide a greater opportunity for students to develop their gifts and talents, including leadership qualities, academic and creative skills, teamwork and spiritual development.

Co-curriculars Leadership Managing Decision-Making
Knowledge of
Human Behavior
Interpersonal Skills Foundation Skills
National Honor Society
Performing Arts
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