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high School academics

MCS offers a comprehensive, University of California (UC) approved college preparatory program. We continue to expand our programs and offerings to meet the specific desires and needs of the high school community.

Our array of courses includes 17 Honors classes, including 15 College Board approved Advanced Placement (AP) offerings. 71% of our most recent AP exam takers satisfied collegiate prerequisite work or earned college course credit through their performance. At least part of that success can be attributed to AP classes that boast of low student-teacher ratios with several classes having fewer than 10 students.




Purchase your AP Summer Course textbooks at our online store. Here's a Step-by-Step video to get you started.




Our iPad program is a one-to-one computing program where each student in the High School has an iPad. One-to-one computer models have been shown to increase learning by greater engagement by the students. Most of our High School textbooks are available on iPad. 

iPad FAQs

Yes, all students in the High School must have a full sized iPad. Students must have an iPad2 or newer. The original iPad (without a camera) and iPad minis are not acceptable.


No. The digital curriculum and other subject specific apps are only available on the iPad.

Bring your iPad to school every day.

Yes. You must always have your iPad in a case while at school.

Yes, you can use peripheral devices, such as keyboards, with your iPad.

We do not have any printers on our school campus that will allow you to print from your iPad. If you don't have a printer at home which will interface with the iPad, the best procedure is to email the document to yourself and print from your home computer.

Not necessarily. The iPad has a finite number of charges: this means it can only be recharged so many times before the battery no longer works properly. Therefore, you should only charge your iPad when it gets low, for example, around 5%. “Topping off” the battery charge every night will only shorten the lifetime of the battery. However, you must have enough charge to use your iPad in all classes every day.

No, but passcodes are recommended, to protect your data from others. However, if you forget your passcode, the only way to recover is to wipe the iPad clean and start again. In that instance, you would lose anything that is not saved elsewhere.

The school has a global internet content filter but as with all filters, they can't block everything. Off campus, your student's iPad will be completely unfiltered.

Every student will be required to have their name on the lock screen of their iPad. This is easily done in any photo editor, including Paint on your home computer or any photo editing app on the iPad. Student iPads will also be required to set the name of their iPad as their first and last name.

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