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Maranatha Christian Preschool (MCPS) recognizes a child’s needs during the early years are different from those of older children. We see the greatest intellectual growth during early childhood. Studies show this is the time when the brain develops most rapidly. MCPS’ approach to learning prepares each student to reach their spiritual and academic potential.Maranatha Christian Preschool provides a well-rounded program that encourages and challenges age appropriate development using hands-on curriculum in literature, art, science, math, and music.  STEAM activities are included as a regular part of Preschool curriculum.

  • Maranatha Christian Schools Preschool provides a well-rounded program that encourages and challenges age appropriate development using hands-on-curriculum in literature, art, science, math, and music. STEAM activities are included as a regular part of Preschool curriculum.
  • Our trained teaching staff is dedicated to nurturing the social, emotional and spiritual development of each child.
  • MCPS' Preschool Program prepares children for Kindergarten - ensuring they are developmentally ready to begin formal education. By Kindergarten, children will be able to write, recognize 2 and 3 dimensional shapes, understand word families and vowels, and practice self-control. 
  • Spiritual growth is fostered through daily Bible stories, monthly character traits, biweekly chapel, and Biblical Integration in all subject areas. 
  • Teachers facilitate an on-going partnership with parents to make the most out of each child's day. Openness is encouraged through teacher-parent communications-and parent involvement is welcomed as a way to enrich school events.

Circle time

In addition to the Learning Centers, time is set-aside for group circle time. During this teacher-directed activity, various methods of instruction are used to challenge the learner through the storytelling, puppetry, creative dramatics, songs, finger plays, use of rhythm instruments, movement to music, and discussions.

outdoor exploration

Play is important! MCPS' Early Education Program extends learning to the outdoors unlocking their natural curiosity to explore God's creation while giving children the opportunity to develop their fine and large motor skills. Our outdoor environment includes a variety of activities, all helping to facilitate the development of these skills.

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