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Higher Level of Play

We have a strong athletics tradition geared toward developing all athletes to perform at a higher level of play. Our student-athletes are trained in character development, with a focus on honesty, integrity and ethical behavior on and off the field. We field 15 CIF teams, have won League Championships, CIF postseason appearances, and CIF championships.

Leadership and teamwork skills are essential in our program – students learn how to work with others to achieve goals, cooperate with one another and take responsibility for their actions.

Our philosophy places a strong emphasis on player development, and we strive to strengthen the walk of every athlete. Our ultimate goal is to please God and honor Him in everything we do.

  • Highly qualified coaches and staff
  • Hands-on help and guidance with college placement for the driven athlete
  • Emphasis on fundamental skills, proper mechanics, and character development




  • Physical Education as a part of our general education program is critical to the each child’s growth and development
  • Our PE program builds a framework for physical education in later years
  • Students develop activity skills, motor competency, teamwork values and a positive attitude toward sports and fitness


  • 85% of Junior High students participate in Athletics 
  • Small class size allows many opportunities for students to play sports and be in the game
  • Emphasis on skill fundamentals to build athletic foundation of the student
  • 70% of MCS High School students participate on Varsity Teams
  • Small class size allows many opportunities for students to play sports and be in the game
  • Two tier program allows students to play sports at one level for personal enjoyment, or at an advanced level for college-level athletics
  • Athletic PE classes which emphasize off-season sport training and conditioning
  • CIF sports for High School students enrolled in our PSP program
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